Vision & Mission

Thanks all participants of Reunion 2013 for making a successful event.

Our Vision
IST Alumni Association strives to develop connections among alumni and students and strengthen their commitment to IST.
Our Mission
IST Alumni Association serves alumni, students and the campus by:

  • fostering communication and relationships among alumni, students, faculty and staff,
  • developing alumni contributions of volunteer and financial support,
  • nurturing the unique educational experience of IST by directing alumni gifts to various needs of students, faculty and IST.

28 thoughts on “Vision & Mission

  1. I would recommend a wall paper with image and profile for all the genious who (ex-students) are curently working to different giant organizations, some of them are completed PHD. And that will open on the re-union day. Those will encurage current students of IST.

  2. Congratulations on planning a wonderful reunion. My special thanks goes to the people who are directly/indirectly involved for the success of this mission. At last but not least “The sweetness of reunion is the joy of heaven”


  3. Will miss the opportunity to meet old familiar faces and the unforgettable nostalgic moments.

    If possible, broadcast (possibly live) the event on web for the poor people like us…:-( At least by Skype.

    Make the reunion memorable. Arrange a game or something… may a be cricket match between seniors and juniors… do something fun…:-)

    Good luck to you all…

  4. Wow… unfortunately we will miss the day. It is a request to those guys who are conducting the event, please upload every moment(pic) . So that bad lucky people like us (who r in abroad) could get some feelings.

    Good luck

  5. Inviting Logo for IST Alumni Association

    We are expecting IST Alumni Association logo design from our alumni. Proposed logos will be uploaded to photo gallery and expecting comments for selecting and finalize it. Also expecting batch-wise group photograph.
    Sent your proposed design/photograph at:

  6. wow…. i’m waiting for IST RU… meet with all of friend …. many many thanks for organizer persons……

  7. Unfortunately,will miss the day as i am living abroad but Special thanks to those who are conducting the event and best wishes for all!!

  8. Finally we will do the difficult task to get-together all under a single umbrella.Waiting for the day and thanks the organizing team.

  9. আয় ছেলেরা আয় মেয়েরা IST তে যাই
    IST র মালা গলায় দিয়া রি-ইউনিয়ন খেতে যাই……..চলবে

  10. খুবই ভালো খবর। আমি আনন্দের সাথে রি-ইউনিয়নে যোগ দিতে চাই।

  11. sorry to miss few meeting . i will be atten every next meeting.helpful we would got a sms form team before meeting date.thanks.@tanu(cell 01819224101).

  12. রিইউনিয়ন হতে যাচ্ছে ? ভাল উদ্দোগ……
    এম.এসসি ইন কম্পিউটার সায়েন্স (সপ্তম ব্যাচ)।

  13. The Reunion program of IST is arranged successfully. Every event completed nicely. Ad hoc committee’s all members doing their jobs perfectly. This program is successfully continue to next years with joining the ex-students who are living abroad.

  14. Thanks everyone for arranging such a nice event. A extra clap for the Admin to upload the pictures.

    I completely agree with Jehad bhi & Jupiter bh’si opinion.
    we should have some webcast facility.

    again, I believe this is a good start. Keep it up.

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